street children

Street children are a term used to refer to children who live on the streets. They are lived in the streets for years. Street children describe children who live or work on the streets. Some of these children live with their families. Most children on the streets are between the ages of about 5 and 18 years old, may be increase of 18 years. Street children live in abandoned buildings, cardboard boxes, parks or on the street itself. Street children are those that are not taken care of by parents or other protective guardians. They are seeped in the streets. Street children spend some time in the streets and sleep in a house with ill-prepared adults. Street children exist in many major cities, especially in developing countries. Children of the street actually live on the street (or outside of a normal family environment). Family ties may exist but are tenuous and are maintained only casually or occur


street children catastrophe

street children catastrophe:
street children catastrophe yesterday did not differ from today, children are still subjected to many violations, the police may contribute in some of these violations, so Dr Hala thanked God researcher in the social sciences and the Chancellor in
the development, this group of children in need of this day, to feel with the society in which they lost, and feel they are outcasts of society will emerge victorious Vyazdedua it.

One of the workshops:

Although official studies did not recognize the tragedy of street children
in police stations, but the reality, as it might tell a child, saying: "I do not know my family, I am experienced with a large elderly man named with Saber, I lived with him for 5 years and died the application architecture of it involving his wife every day Tsepni LES Blell Flosse and hands a lot, and wants to serve the needs of Ma'aya solitude, Fihrpt and I traveled a lot and wipe Arabiyat Baht. "

He continues: "In the Name and the time I was one of Whitrbeni Shi, Sahit to the police and I have received Jrni Ischof section because I'm high or not .. the provisions of the Police Department was Bioagafna and strip us of our clothes, and Balqaic
beat us on our backs, and the boy who saw and was fuck smth Batabnjp his brain. "

At the end of story emphasizes the child which has not exceeded the four-year-old love of God that was meant by "Mmermtp" the street and entered one of the NGOs concerned with street children, and hopes to go a fair amount of education so that doctors could treat children like him addicted to drink, "hashish" tattoo "Alkllp."

The severity of the correctional:
A child who hopes that the future work so that the officers included a
ll the children of the streets in the assemblies to protect them from the dangers of police and corrections departments, and across from the Omntonh saying: I'm home Saturday for a long time because we have Flosse Mcanc, my father and my mother decided I Saybin some out of the street because Flosse answer, the in one of six Ptsrhani I Eiyal tissues and sell a lot of us is taking the money and the release of a small part of us is strong, and another night under the big deals we are all, on the government to test all of us died, and the officer asked you to go and Akhaddni Shi and hit me on the words said to me a monster and were Zbat Whitrbone, The children who were Peerhawwa were Ma'aya Beidavawa me of any need for solitude. "

He adds: "Rouht dimensions of reform, but where I live Mekdrc the street was shut because of the high Ptua correctional supervisors, and in the needs and often inhospitable I do not say is important, important, and Talat, I fled to the street again and I know the child has to get Khaddni Here Rjoni school TINGES

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