street children

Street children are a term used to refer to children who live on the streets. They are lived in the streets for years. Street children describe children who live or work on the streets. Some of these children live with their families. Most children on the streets are between the ages of about 5 and 18 years old, may be increase of 18 years. Street children live in abandoned buildings, cardboard boxes, parks or on the street itself. Street children are those that are not taken care of by parents or other protective guardians. They are seeped in the streets. Street children spend some time in the streets and sleep in a house with ill-prepared adults. Street children exist in many major cities, especially in developing countries. Children of the street actually live on the street (or outside of a normal family environment). Family ties may exist but are tenuous and are maintained only casually or occur


street children in Indonesia

While estimates of the number of street children in Indonesia vary largest: they are in the tens of thousands and their lives on the streets are not easy.The children say they left home between four and nine years of age.Most of the children earn a little more than a dollar a day.About 75 percent of street children in a CCF-Indonesia study say they are on the street and a lot of the kids dream about finishing school and about 60 percent wish to stop working on the streets.

In addition to the early childhood development center, CCF-Indonesia is also working to improve the livelihoods of the families.The mothers are using the loans to establish small food stalls from which they sell cakes, fried rice and other good.Through micro-enterprise development, CCF helps mothers secure loans from the government.

Japan Fund Will Help Female Street Children In Indonesia.The total
cost of the project is estimated at US$1.1 million equivalent, The Indonesian Government and NGOs will finance the balance.Indonesia is known to many as an exotic holiday destination. Also has less idyllic sides as thousands of Indonesian street children know all to will

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