street children

Street children are a term used to refer to children who live on the streets. They are lived in the streets for years. Street children describe children who live or work on the streets. Some of these children live with their families. Most children on the streets are between the ages of about 5 and 18 years old, may be increase of 18 years. Street children live in abandoned buildings, cardboard boxes, parks or on the street itself. Street children are those that are not taken care of by parents or other protective guardians. They are seeped in the streets. Street children spend some time in the streets and sleep in a house with ill-prepared adults. Street children exist in many major cities, especially in developing countries. Children of the street actually live on the street (or outside of a normal family environment). Family ties may exist but are tenuous and are maintained only casually or occur


street children catastrophe in Egypt

Family cohesion among the good qualities of the Arabs and an Egyptian mother and Egyptian father who were and are still unknown soldiers in the lives of their children .. Suffer for their education and upbringing Educational valid .. Egyptian mother is Hjralosas in the family over the years, no Fajrmerbip mythical generations and affection .. The sacrifices we all know .. So Masbb, who drove her to leave her children? This is not normal!!

The answe
r is simply that the wrong economic policy of the Government of Egypt and the absence of social justice in the distribution of wealth to all the sons of the nation resulted in a terrible economic poverty of a large segment of society and the middle class collapsed .. This Madf poor children to get rid of a compulsory disposal .. It is not optional.

Ladies and Gentlemen: In a study prepared by
professors of the Faculty of Science Mansoura University, confirmed that one hundred thousand Egyptians infected with cancer annually and about thirty-five thousand Egyptians suffer kidney failure, including seven of the ten thousand children in addition to the hepatitis virus and many other chronic diseases, the disease would destroy the Egyptians in the long term if there is no treatment. Egypt witnessed a few years through a series of train accidents .. And the sinking of ships, which shall not be subject to any measures for the safety of their Bcrohzh just a few examples of Anhiaaloda in public facilities and mismanagement.

As for
the failure of the government and much embarrassed .. Where the financial resources of the country go? Why lest the announcement of the general budget of the State in detail all the countries, such as respectable? What kind of political and economic system of Egypt? Who is responsible for solving the problem of the Egyptian children Almlqon in the streets? And what his plans for solving them?

I go back to ask about solutions to the problem of two million Egyptian children lay in the streets and have no helper for them in an Islamic state .. We left the government and the law and the Constitution failed them .. Kidneys, but I hope and trust in Dmiroadl and the vigilance of the Egyptian people who are, I believe, are not fully aware of the story of these children and the risks resulting from this problem in the short term and long term for all of us

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